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Selecting the ideal wireless technology for Sensor-to-cloud application development

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The IoT is expected to explode as standards for wireless technologies rev-up specifications and capabilities to address the intense densification expected to happen at the edge of IoT to support large sensor and device swarm networks.

Analysts forecast the largest growth in IoT connections will come from wireless technologies that can scale easily, onboard data efficiently, use low power, and leverage unlicensed spectrum.

In this webinar we will delve into the latest developments in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa and other wireless standards that meet these requirements; and discuss how you can leverage these developments to innovate and create business and product breakthroughs.

This presentation will provide information regarding:

  • Bluetooth 5 – what you need to know to leverage the new standard for IoT design innovation
  • What is a Bluetooth Host Controller Interface and how to integrate it in IoT designs
  • What is ultra-low power Wi-Fi and what business and application opportunities does it bring to IoT
  • Integrating the data from multiple wireless technologies with a single IoT Platform
  • Embedding application software directly in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules

You will review Telit tools and facilities not only to streamline engineering and design of devices with feature-rich modules, but also experience the ease of integration of these devices (data and device management) to the cloud.


Florian Herrmann

Director Business Development EMEA, Short Range

Florian Herrmann (Ass.-iur.) holds a degree in law and studied at the University of Trier, Germany. He worked for Stollmann since 2006 with a continuous focus on Bluetooth business development. He has held various positions in sales, marketing and product management. He also served as Director Operations where he managed operations-related functions for Bluetooth and NFC products. His current function at Telit is business development for short range products. In this capacity he is engaged in Bluetooth, LoRa, Wi-Fi and other short range wireless technologies.

Sharath Jose

Head of Product Management for wi-fi

Sharath Jose is head of product management for wi-fi at Telit. The product management professional has served in the Wi-Fi IoT(Internet of Things) space, productizing solutions for smart home, Industrial and commercial IoT, Healthcare and Medical verticals. Sharath has held various positions at GainSpan corporation, a specialist firm in ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoC/Modules since 2010, acquired by Telit in February 2017.

Robin Duke-Woolley

Analyst, CEO
Beecham Research Ltd

Robin Duke-Woolley is one of the best-known and most respected names in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, with over 20 years’ experience as an analyst and consultant in telecommunications. Beecham Research combines successful business experience, and extensive analysis expertise in both research and consulting practices. The company operates globally and has research partners in many parts of the world.

Jeremy Cowan

Editorial Director & Publisher
IoT Now & VanillaPlus

Jeremy Cowan is Editorial Director of the publishing group that has specialised in IT, Hi-Tech and Communications for 19 years. The group includes the international titles, www.IoT-Now.com, www.IoTGlobalNetwork.com, which focus on the Internet of Things and its impact on businesses and consumers, as well as www.VanillaPlus.com, the leading business information resource for Communication Service Providers and Network Operators worldwide.

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