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Perceptive, Adaptive & Reactive: AI in manufacturing

How AI is making manufacturing more cognitive today

Today’s factories can be futuristic hives of automated, connected and intelligent systems — now they are even capable of self-learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) has started to find its niche in manufacturing, and as technology matures — with sensors becoming more cost-efficient every day — manufacturers are reinventing applications with the use of AI algorithms, taking complex decisions, based on existing data sets.
Historical data plays an important role in the process of analyzing, understanding and decision-making for AI algorithms. Multiple attempts have been made to convert this ‘tribal’ knowledge into an algorithm or code, to make it available to a broad set of people and processes

Correlations which are often missed by human intuition or eye are sometimes captured by these algorithms. When combined with the industry-specific domain knowledge, this can be a powerful tool. However, the need for quality data is critical. In a plant or a factory, structured data is readily available and needs to be harnessed. But what challenges are created by the diverse data sources and types? And how do you find the right correlation between them?

In this webinar we will discuss a few scenarios and use cases for AI systems. These will look at data ingestion, being adaptive & reactive, and forward-looking. We will tackle the appropriate use of major components like classification, clustering, regression and recommendation.

Please join the free Webinar to explore some of the use cases, in a typical factory environment where existing data sets can be used for generating AI algorithms:

  • Condition-based maintenance of critical equipment (Process and Utility)
  • Energy Management towards “zero carbon footprint” target
  • Real-time transport management for inbound and outbound logistics
  • Quality control and monitoring of defective products (end of line as well as process parameters)
  • Yield enhancement (OEE improvement).


Jeremy Cowan

Editorial Director & Publisher
IoT Now & VanillaPlus

Jeremy Cowan is Editorial Director of the publishing group that has specialised in IT, Hi-Tech and Communications for 19 years. The group includes the international titles, www.IoT-Now.com, www.IoTGlobalNetwork.com, which focus on the Internet of Things and its impact on businesses and consumers, as well as www.VanillaPlus.com, the leading business information resource for Communication Service Providers and Network Operators worldwide.

Shashidhara Dongre

Head – Digital Solutions, Plant Engineering
L&T Technology Services

Mr. Shashidhara Dongre has been leading the digital engineering strategy and execution for solutions across verticals like Industrial products, Auto, Medical, Telecom & Process industry for over 25 years. He has lead several innovative projects with the help of digital technologies like Mobile, Cloud, AI, IOT, Computer vision, AR/VR and understands the myriad challenges of implementing them in different industries. His major focus has been in execution of digital solutions in the CPG, O&G, Chemical and F&B sectors. As an engineer himself, Mr. Dongre is a senior member in various organizations such as IEEE and actively contributes to publications in technical journals.

Dr. Madhusudan Singh

Head, Artificial intelligence and Cognitive Computing
L&T Technology Services

Dr. Madhusudan Singh is a PhD in Soft computation, Neural network, Fuzzy logic, Machine learning, Modeling, Identification and control. He is an eminent scientist with over 18+ years of rich research experience associated with several esteemed research institutes in India. He is also an esteemed academician having distinction of being associated with numerous scientific symposiums, presentations, workshops, conferences as well as publishing over 29 research papers. Dr. Madhusudhan currently heads the Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing division at L&T Technology services and has played a pivotal role in developing key AI solutions, algorithms and frameworks for clients across industries.

Knud Lasse Lueth

IoT Analytics

Knud is the founder of IoT Analytics. He has extensive background working with IoT software and hardware companies and builds on a consulting and manufacturing background.

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