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Date: June 24-26, 2020

Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The only conference to unite private and public stakeholders to confront the real monetization, scalability and customer experience challenges facing mobility

Based on the promise of innovative shared transportation services, brand-new digital revenues, reduced emissions and increased safety, billions of dollars have been invested into the future of mobility. Despite the hype, no long-term business model for mobility has been established.

For the mobility revolution to scale, it’s time to confront the tough question; where’s the money in mobility?

IMPACT>MOBILITY Europe 2020 is the only conference to unite private and public stakeholders to confront the monetization, scalability and customer experience challenges facing mobility. Built around business best practices, data strategies and benchmarks, it is designed to move the ecosystem beyond pilots, towards a scalable and profitable business model.

Uniting the Entire Mobility & Transport Ecosystem

Mobility innovation can only be delivered when public and private stakeholders collaborate. At IMPACT>MOBILITY we unite the entire ecosystem under one roof. Click below where you sit in the ecosystem to see why you can’t afford to miss IMPACT>MOBILITY.